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POS Print Campaign
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The challenge

The US mobile communications provider Sprint needed extraordinary motifs that were to make light into a visible symbol of energy in its new and at that time largest flagship store. Energy that surrounds and connects us and with which we communicate. To do this they were seeking a partner who could make ambitious light paintings a reality. The focus here lay on the perfection of the drawings and the quality of the light.

Our solution

Before the shoot in New York, we developed new attachments for our light sources that could create very complex light structures. For the drawings we concentrated on the dynamics of each individual light swing – they should fit perfectly with the motifs and connect them. without distracting from the effect. In the end The final result, a very impressive flagship store was created.

A whole store made up of hundreds of individual light elements.

Everything – including big prints, Easter, Christmas and Valentine specials, video loops for the displays and even carrier bags – featured the overall branding of the Sprint flagship store with light elements.

What we love about the project

The portraits by the photographer Ron Eshel and the light drawings created by us were combined together in an elaborate composite. The complexity of this production was particularly demanding for us – and very educational!
Many thanks to sprint, Scott Pratt and Tina Casey from QAS Productions Inc., Ron Eshel (photographer), Continuum.

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