Creative Campaign

HELLA K-LED Blizzard

The challenge

A vibrant campaign for a vibrant product. Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA was looking for a strong advert for their new premium beacon – the K-LED Blizzard. Next to the design aspects, features like water resistance and brightness had to be in focus of the campaign.

Our solution

The new HELLA K-LED FO was developed further
and is now even stronger and tougher than ever before. This spirit is also reflected in the product name „BLIZZARD“ – that gave us the main idea for the new campaign.
Inspired by the work of Azuma Makoto, we took the K-LED and froze it into a solid block of ice. To prove it’s toughness and to create an outstanding and long lasting image.

»With a lot of creativity Lichtfaktor developed a unique and strong visualand and making of video.«
»The visual works perfect in all kind of communication world wide!«
»Thanks for the successful and enjoyable collaboration.«
Sandra Berendes, Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA Marketing

Blizzard - the name tells the story

In an sophisticated making of video we focused on all the different design aspects of the K-LED BLIZZARD and proved it’s toughness to the max. With the making of video we extend the campaign for online and social media platforms.

Why we love this project

A good idea requires a good implementation!

Together with a master of his subject, the ice designer Horst Birekoven, the creative agency Salon Deluxe and our favorite camera man Gero Kutzner we had been able to capture the message in a nutshell.

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