Digital installations for innovative activation
Touch me I am the future

Everything we can imagine will really happen – or at least it will seem that way. Interactive technology has been promising this for a long time. And today – it’s finally possible! Hey, what year is it? 2035?

Interactive installations – how it works


Celebrating personal success by your own hand is something everyone enjoys. With our digital interactive installations, your guests can dive into futuristic products and brand worlds. And emerge greatly impressed.


Want to reach a public that has seen it all and never listens? We’re happy to help you with an interactive media installation. Because no message is as good as an experience, no promise as convincing as delivery. And don’t forget: joining in means paying attention.


There are thousands of games with branding and products – both for mobile phones and computers. Our highly innovative games are played not only on giant screens but also in extraordinary locations or even on entire buildings. This guarantees enormous public awareness. And don’t forget the mobile phone videos taken and uploaded by members of the public; more free advertising!

Latest technology!

Everything is developing incredibly quickly but the field of interactive technology is an extreme case. Everything we can promise you today may already be out of date tomorrow. But there is some good news: if there’s anything new to be had, we will have it already. Ask us if you want to know how to stay ahead of the game.

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