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With our light painting photo booth we developed an event module that is great fun for guests – and offers unique opportunities for branding. Guests can participate creatively in a promotion and then receive a premium branded memento that leaves a lasting impression.

In just a few seconds we create premium light painting portraits of the guests. All images are created live - each photo is an original!

We can satisfy every desire with our varied light techniques. The images can be branded creatively and CI-compliant - colours, logos or slogans can be incorporated seamlessly into the photos. We know our audiences and we adapt to them. We round off by printing the created image on site and/or uploading it to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

»Our guests had a lot of fun with the artists of Lichtfaktor.«
»Thanks to the great technique and there creativity very special pictures have been created…«
»…which are very different from the other photo booths and thus remain in the customers memory for much longer.«
»We hope that we will work with them soon again.«
Jessica Didschun, 44events GmbH
»The light painting photo booth at our staff party was an absolute crowd puller.«
»With impressive lighting effects, the guests were individually staged...«
»...embedded in the corporate identity.«
Till Raubacher, Corporate Communications, HHLA
Light Painting Photo from the Photo Booth. We developed an event module that offers unique opportunities for branding and fun.

Why we love our light painting photo booth

The light painting photo booth is one of our favourite products. It suits every event and offers guests a lot of fun. This is also because we don’t just point and press – we animate the guests so they share an extraordinary experience with us. And it’s worth it: several thousand people in Hong Kong, London, Dubai, Singapore and many other major cities have been delighted – and that delights us.

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