Light Painting Art

Innovation is our motivation
let there be light

The challenge

We develop unique light paintings and impressive campaigns that showcase a product in a powerful and energetic way. Always fresh and always different.

What we do

Since 2005 we are into light painting at a professional level. It is the source of most innovations that we have created and the origination of Lichtfaktor.
With our exacting requirements of the paintings and light textures we have set new standards in light painting.

Why we love light painting art

It is our passion, our origin and our future. We owe a lot to light painting and we gave it a lot. Long story short, it means everything to us and we want to share that fascination.

Your callback request

Everything is possible! I am happy to call you back quickly and personally. We will find the best solution for your event. Including fair pricing.

    Marcel Panne
    Marcel Panne
    CEO/Creative Director
    +49 221-17732088