Luma Paint

Interactive Light Graffiti
Express Yourself

The concept

The biggest question with interactive installations is: Does it also appeal to the audience? Cause only then interaction takes place!
With our Luma Painter that’s the case.

What we do

We developed a creative and interactive installation that is very easy to use and fascinating in its effect.
It is possible to communicate through light and to design any surface, space or object. The guest becomes an artist and the event becomes a happening.

»The guests were thrilled and there are great - emotional pictures.«
»The Luma Paint installation impresses in a new way.«
Phillip Held sensory unlimitedĀ®

Interactive light painting fun for everyone.

Whether as a doodle wall, team building activity or live graffiti performance - everything is possible. Tell your story, brand colours and content can be integrated into the paintings in a unique and creative way. Many options, what do you want to do?

Why we love our Luma Painter

It inspires us time and time again how much fun the simple things can make. There is no event like another. What could be better than painting with light? Sounds crazy, but it works.

Your callback request

Everything is possible! I am happy to call you back quickly and personally. We will find the best solution for your event. Including fair pricing.

    Marcel Panne
    Marcel Panne
    CEO/Creative Director
    +49 221-17732088