Guerilla Projection Mapping

Let's make it big and bright
Big Shots

The urban space becomes your stage

The times when a pink elephant was driven through the city with drums and trumpets are over.

But the impact of our Guerilla Projection Mapping actions comes close to this spectacular marketing measure.

Make the difference!

If you can’t say it loud enough, say it big and bright!

Our Guerilla Projection Mapping actions offer a variety of different possibilities: from custom-fit video mapping of your content, to interactive installations, to live performance. We move freely in the city without licenses and transform any surface, building or object into an unforgettable visual experience.

Create reach and impress with an innovative symbiosis of art and brand message.

Make the difference!

We offer different sized systems, always suitable for the respective action: from the slim battery-powered 4k unit that fits in a backpack, to the powerful projection vehicle, with which entire buildings can be illuminated.
The set-up takes only a few minutes, so several locations can be illuminated in one evening.

The entire action is professionally documented, so they also generate reach on social networks.

»The guests were thrilled and there are great - emotional pictures.«
»The Luma Paint installation impresses in a new way.«
Phillip Held sensory unlimited®

Guerrilla projection mapping in a nutshell

  • A variety of options, from creative video mapping to interactive installation.
  • Flexible use from indoor to outdoor, from small objects to entire buildings.
  • Suitable for every topic and occasion.
  • We generate visibility, whether on site in the cities or online on social media.
  • Reliable and professional with more than 10 years of experience in the field of innovative marketing.
  • A spectacular symbiosis of art and technology.
  • An interactive installation in which the viewer can actively participate if desired.
  • A variety of branding options to match your campaign.
  • Professional documentation of the campaign also increases its visibility online.
  • Due to the very short set-up times, several locations can be played on in one evening.
  • Flexible working times of 4-8 hours.
  • We offer you a variety of creative expressions that complement each other perfectly and thus provide a central theme for your campaign.
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