Light Painting Film Production

Innovation is our motivation
let there be light

The challenge

Every day we see hundreds of clips, but how many do you remember at the end of the day?

What we do

We have been making light painting films and animations since 2006 and they are clearly different from the mainstream.

Each film is a unique piece with great attention to detail.

We skillfully set your brand message with light in motion – make the difference.

»Working together with Lichtfaktor was a fantastic experience. They are very quick and flexible, managing to start production only two weeks after first contact...«
»...The team had great confidence in the project from the get-go, producing an amazing film thanks to a lot of commitment and creativity...«
»...The trade show film for the premier of our show-car in Peking 2014 was a great success - thank you.«
Manuel Zagovec, TV Communication, Audi AG
»Hard working, punctual, fun, and dynamic, their creative and production skills mesh together to help finish projects seamlessly...«
»...a continuous stream of dynamic solutions for both Art, Branding, and customer Interaction.«
»What else can I say? They will light up your world!«
Raymond Lucas, JQK Production

Our aim is to fascinate the viewer!

Light is our material, with it we animate our films. Picture by picture, all night long, every single drawing developed over days and rehearsed. That's our passion and you can see that.

Why we love to animate with light

Everything is possible – it’s the source of our passion for light painting. The three-dimensional space as a stage of our creativity, freezing time to draw in the photo, the sequence of images creates the movement – Pure Magic.

Your callback request

Everything is possible! I am happy to call you back quickly and personally. We will find the best solution for your event. Including fair pricing.

    Marcel Panne
    Marcel Panne
    CEO/Creative Director
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