AI Video Interactive Show

A spectacular fusion of dance and video
The Future Starts here

This is the beginning of a new era

…in which we humans will be more efficient and productive than ever before with the help of artificial intelligence. In our AI show, we highlight these aspects and take a look into the future together with you.

In a collaboration with video artist Dmitry Zakharov and performer Kordula Kohlschmitt, we have created a unique video interactive show that combines video content and stage performance in an impressive way. An unforgettable experience that brings the future to life today.
(Text co-created by ChatGPT)

When the video content becomes the actor...

Far too many times the video content is too present and works against the stage performer or they are replaceable backgrounds that don't really enrich the stage performance. We want to change this and, together with video artist Dmitry Zakharov, have created content that has equal status with the artists on stage.

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