Painting on Pictures

Creative Photo Booth for Events
be part of the art

The concept

Looking for something special?
Check our Painting on Pictures PhotoBooth Activity!

We paint on photos and create an individual and personal piece of art.

What we do

For more than 10 years we are offering our light painting photo booth for events and now for the first time we let our artist do what they do best.
Lichtfaktor is working together with highly skilled illustrators from very different fields. From graffiti, calligraphy to character design, always creative always fun.

Each picture is handmade and unique, no computer effects. Pure analog art.

It works for all kind of events. We can integrate the brand colour and logo into our composition and extend the campaign in a unique way, that makes the difference.
And if it’s the special gift for a wedding, a gala or privat event, we will focus on just a few pictures and make them awesome.

Why we love our Painting on Pictures PhotoBooth

It simply works by the creativity of our illustrators. It’s always different and always fun. A personal piece of art and a unique brand experience that makes the difference.

Your callback request

Everything is possible! I am happy to call you back quickly and personally. We will find the best solution for your event. Including fair pricing.

    Marcel Panne
    Marcel Panne
    CEO/Creative Director
    +49 221-17732088